Luxury condos in downtown Montréal

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Brivia Group is a fast-growing real estate developer and investor with a growing portfolio of successful projects in Montréal. Under the visionary leadership of its president, Kheng Ly, the Group brings together expertise, experience and the required business network to inject blood into ambitious projects such as YUL, Stanbrooke, NEST, QuinzeCent and 1 Square Phillips.


From the Grande Bibliothèque to the Cité du Multimédia, the CHUM research centre and Montréal Casino, YUL and QuinzeCent, it’s hard to miss the fine creations of MENKÈS SHOONER DAGENAIS LETOURNEUX ARCHITECTES. This architectural firm has redrawn the city’s downtown core for many years.

The New York firm Hill West Architects, specialized in tall buildings, also collaborated to this project.

Interior Designers

Alain Desgagné of innédesign has completed many projects for prominent residential towers in the Montréal area. In collaboration with Sabrina Lareau of MSDL Architectes, both have been mandated to design the lobby and common areas on the 2nd, 21st and 50th floors.

Landscape Architect

Internationally renowned landscape architect Claude Cormier had the challenging task of conceptualizing the interior garden that connects with the 1 Square Phillips condominiums. Cormier has designed many award-winning parks and public spaces in Canada and around the world, including the Square Dorchester restoration project and Toronto’s whimsical Berczy Park.

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